Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Are you ready for Eclipse 4? Eclipse Juno is released!!!

This is a big day for Eclipse Community. Eclipse release train has moved to the next major version after Eclipse 3 release in 2004. Eclipse 4.2 Juno has just been released after 4 years of effort. Juno represents the work of 72 project teams by 445 open source committers on 55 million lines of code, and the participation of 40+ Eclipse member companies.

You can download the Juno from download page:

To get more information about Juno and its new features, I advice you to read thefollowing articles:
- "Top 10 Eclipse Juno Features" by Ian Bull in
- "Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Eclipse Juno" by Chris Mayer in
- "Eclipse Juno and the Future of the Eclipse Platform" by Alex Blewitt in
- "Eclipse Juno Brings Eclipse 4 as Standard" by Alex Blewitt in
- "Eclipse Code Recommenders Proposes Code Based On Bayesian Networks" by Alex Blewitt in
And don't miss the Java Tech Journal's latest issue focused on Eclipse Juno :

Eclipse Juno has some great features, such as a new platform with a new workbench UI model, JDT enhancements, whole new look of workbench, detached editors, universal search bar, and of course "code recommenders" plugin.

Eclipse Code Recommenders

Eclipse Code Recommenders is a new plugin you can install that analyzes code of existing applications, extracts common patterns of how other developers used and extended certain APIs before, and re-integrates this knowledge back into your IDE.

Code Recommenders must first be configured with a knowledge base (Model Repository Reference). Using this knowledge, code recommenders can take a complex content assist and display a much more civilized list, based on common usage patterns.


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