Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Java Magazine, May/June 2012 Issue

Fifth issue of the Java Magazine is available. If you have a subscription, you can start reading the digital issue now.

Java Magazine is a free bi-monthly digital magazine and is all about Java technology, the Java programming language, and Java-based applications.

The highlight of the current issue is Device Convergence. Some other topics are:
  • Java ME
  • Java DB in JDK 7
  • Using the OpenJDK to Investigate Covariance in Java
  • Java SE 7
  • JavaFX 2.0 challenge by Angela Caicedo

Table of Contents:
-  From the Editor
-  Java Nation 
-  Java in Action: Device Convergence
-  Java in Action: Game On! 
-  New to Java: The End of the Game
-  New to Java: Build a Web App in Wicket 1.4 Using NetBeans
-  Java Architect: OpenJDK: The Interview
-  Java Architect: Java SE 7: Shaped and Translucent Windows Deep Dive
-  Java Architect: What's New in Java DB in JDK 7
-  Java Architect: Using the Open JDK to Investigate Covariance in Java
-  Java Architect: Introduction to JIT Compilation in Java HotSpot VM
-  Rich Client: Using Properties and Binding in JavaFX 2.0
-  Mobile and Embedded: How to Tag Your Pictures with Location Information
-  Fix This

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  1. Thanks for informing us on the new release of Java Magazine. Good thing they haven't changed their minds on the digital issue. Also, basing from the table of contents you posted, this is going to be an interesting one.