Thursday, November 10, 2011

Java Magazine, November/December 2011 Issue

Second issue of the Java Magazine by Oracle is available now. If you have a subscription, you can start reading the digital issue.

As you might remember, it was August when Java Premiere Issue was released. It was also the same day with the release of the long awaited Java 7. Java Magazine is a free bi-monthly digital magazine and is all about Java technology, the Java programming language, and Java-based applications.

Here are some highlights from the November/December 2011 Issue :
From the Editor
Justin Kestenly's article about current issue.

Java Nation:
News, events, and happenings in the Java community - including a JavaOne 2011 wrapup

Java In Action:
Driven by Java
Austrian smartcard system connects patients, providers.

Green Light
Startup dooApp relies on JavaFX to support “green” construction.

New To Java:
Starting Your First Computer Game
Use Greenfoot to create your first interactive program.

Introduction to RESTful Web Services, Part 2
Max Bonbhel on the JSON response format. 

Java Architect:
Understanding the Hudson Plug-In Development Framework
Extend Hudson with plug-ins.

Agile ALM for Java Developers
Michael Hütterman on better quality software.

Enterprise Java:
Stress-testing Java EE 6 Applications
Adam Bien on bugs, bottlenecks, and memory leaks.

Polyglot Programmer:
Toward a Universal VM
Oracle’s Alex Buckley on the JVM Language Summit 2011.

Polyglot Programming on the JVM
How and why to choose a non-Java language.

Rich Client:
Shock the Senses
Java FX 2.0 reinvigorates client-side Java development. Oracle’s Nandini Ramani talks with Java Magazine about the key features of the new release.

JavaFX and Swing Integration
Migrate Swing interfaces to JavaFX.

Using Transitions for Automation in JavaFX 2.0
Animate nodes in your scene.

Mobile and Embedded:
Getting Started with GameCanvas
Vikram Goyal on the Mobile Sensor API.

Fix This:
Arun Gupta challenges your coding skills

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November/December 2011
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Premiere Issue 2011


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